Dr Wood’s detractors (Take 2)

From: jon_devlin

Date: 2015-07-03 10:49:25

Just came across this whilst looking at something non-911 related (or does such a thing exist these days hmmmm ?).   It’s put together by someone that understands Dr Wood’s work very well and joins some important dots within the controlled Alternative community, as Andrew has painstakingly been doing these 8+ years or so?   Anyway, it is a well thought out and presented montage with some infamous characters doing what they do best – Lying!   p.s. It also contains a very brief but on-point mention of the small  group of all controlling Science Publishing Houses that are holding to ransom tens of thousands of Scientific papers that will probably never see the light of day within the contrived system of knowledge control. Why Did James Fetzer Menace Dr Judy Wood Over Directed Energy Weapons Why Did James Fetzer Menace Dr Judy Wood Ov… This raises serious questions , James Fetzer controls most of the narritive in main stream media , but if you look back 6 years you see James Fetzer mimickin… View on www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo

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