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01 Sep 2016


In the last week or two, quite a few people have been reacting to Max Igan’s posting about his “former friend” Ken O’Keefe (KO) where he sets out his experience with KO and the proposed “World Citizen contract” initiative. This is also discussed in an interview with Richie Allen, which was posted on 31 Aug 2016.…


My reason for posting this article is that I have been unimpressed with KO since approximately December 2013, when he had failed to follow up on a commitment to discuss the truth about the destruction of the WTC on his short-lived “People’s Voice” Programme entitled “Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East”. I will explain the background to this below. It is just a shame that someone like KO – who seems to have taken an important and authoritative stance against the horrendous acts of violence, war crimes and occupation by western and Israeli armed forces in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine – has now shown considerable dishonour. Many, many people have been cheering KO on in his strong, public, and fully justified stand against these evil groups of people.


How can it be, then, that Max Igan has now become convinced that KO is not who he first appeared to be and is, instead, a counter intelligence agent of some kind? Of course, if you read Max Igan’s article and listen to his interview above, this will become very clear. (I also asked myself questions about KO, not too long after meeting him, but thankfully, I never expended any significant funds or energy supporting him.)


Ken O Keefe – Awakened State – May 2013


Both KO and myself were kindly invited to speak at the Awakened State Conference in Edinburgh in 2013 – KO had filled in for Tony Farrell, who pulled out of the conference a few months before it was due to take place. Hence, this conference was where I first met KO and he sat through my presentation about the energy cover up, and how it links in to what happened to the WTC.



Here’s his talk, which was on the same day as mine:



At some point over the weekend, I told him that I was aware that he had appeared on Press TV with Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett and that he should be wary of these characters, as I had documented their part in the criminal cover up of 911 events. (Fetzer’s role in the cover up is probably far more significant than Barrett’s, however.)


Following the conference, we both travelled back down South and I spent over 1 hour with Ken O Keefe explaining personally to him, face to face (during the train journey) that thermite was a cover story. I showed him a powerpoint presentation on my laptop and I went over the main points and he said “I think I can see what you mean” (or words similar to this). I gave him a free copy of Dr Judy Wood’s "Where Did the Towers Go"  which proves the thermite story is false. When I gave him this tome, he seemed deeply appreciative, even bowing his head and seeming genuinely moved by this.


On 4th November 2013, we talked on Skype and, if you listen to an extract from this conversation, it seems he “got” what was in the book – and why it was so important:



He invited me onto his first “Middle East” programme planned later in Nov 2013 and I agreed to go down to London – but he never followed up with his invitation. Indeed, the last I heard from him then was when he was asking a question about the Dr Greg Jenkins / Dr Judy Wood Ambush Interview.


Ken O Keefe Promotes 911 Disinformation


A few months later, it became clear, however, that KO had decided to help to promote disinformation about 911. On a “911 Special” programme he did,  neither Dr Wood nor myself were invited to discuss the evidence – and he did not mention her investigation and court case. Instead, he allowed Chris Bollyn to lie about what happened to the WTC and what Dr Wood has said. I explained, in detail, to KO that the thermite story was a lie and in his Skype call to me, linked above, he seemed to understand this. So, then, it was now on record that Ken O’Keefe had not chosen the path of truth with regard to what happened on 911. In KO’s 911 Special, Chris Bollyn gets quite a lot of time and talks about thermite. (Starting at about 1hr 30min 10secs)


Audio Only



Bollyn is also part of the 911 cover up and has chosen to lie about Dr Wood’s research. Why did Bollyn not take evidence to court? Why is he lying about someone else’s research, if he claims to be interested in the truth about 911? Why did KO give this liar air time?


Now, as KO discusses, there is evidence that Zionists played their part in orchestrating and covering up what happened on 911 – and it seems there are other powerful vested interests, connected with the Israeli and US/Israeli power structures that have their dirty fingerprints all over the 911 planning and its cover up. However, to miss out everything I told him – and instead include disinformation that I had already pointed out to him – was a huge disappointment to me, as I took him to be an honourable man.


In Sept 2015, I posted some of these remarks on a thread on Facebook and KO replied to my comments – with some apparent humility. He argued that he had given Bollyn airtime because Bollyn was willing to talk about Mossad and 911. So why did he also include the 911 disinformation that Bollyn was coming out with? He could have just edited that out, and contacted me to discuss other aspects of 911. (After all, we’d already agreed he could/would do that.)


So, I commented to KO, on Facebook.


Ken — I respect what you are trying to do. However, you wrote "you are feeding the very problem that is among our deepest of problems" – and I could say exactly the same to you- because you helped promote false information about 911. We know it is false scientifically and we also know it is false based on the actions (or lack thereof) of those promoting it. The reason I didn’t reach out to you was because I thought you understood what I was trying to tell you. I thought you understood the scientific evidence and also about what people like Fetzer and Barrett were doing – muddling up the vastly important truth of what happened to the towers – the MOST important issue of our time – because it affects geopolitics, energy, the weather and all issues connected with those things. Of course what I hope people will do is say "Oops – sorry I was wrong – and I can now see this." But unfortunately, most people "go along to get along" – because "that’s politics". Myself and Dr Wood are not politicians and only concern ourselves with the evidence of what happened (I won’t bother to address what you said about Dr Judy Wood as it’s not relevant to the evidence I showed you in May 2013). I have also reverse engineered the cover up of 911 – and it’s all in my free book. The fact that many people don’t like what is in our books (or they don’t like our personalities or the way we speak) doesn’t make it untrue and it doesn’t in any way reduce the importance of those truths. I hope you can understand this. Best Wishes, I hope you are successful in exposing the things you are working on – but be aware there are scoundrels around you try to convince you some things are not known or are not that important.


I subsequently offered to do an interview with him so we could “straighten it all out.” We could then have talked to each other about the parts of 911 which interest us – and record it as an interview. I even offered to set it up and record it and edit it – at my own expense. I said I would seek his approval before posting it online. I also offered to buy him some lunch!! He seemed to be amenable to this at first, but then backed out of the idea saying, "I cannot work with you." Please see emails we exchanged on this matter.


Former US Marine(s)


When Max Igan posted his comments, and I had read through his article, I was reminded that KO had apparently been a US Marine. Now that Max Igan had revealed evidence that he and others had been mislead by KO, it reminded me how another former US Marine – Jim Fetzer – had mislead me – and many others a few years ago. (Fetzer has continued to mislead people ever since.)


I then began to wonder what connection there might be to experiences disclosed almost 20 years ago by Kay Griggs – former wife of a US General. Kay Griggs, who had terrible and violent experiences at the hands of her husband, was also treated badly by 1 or more US Marines that she knew. You can hear about her experiences in the videos at the bottom of this page.




Max Igan has come to a similar conclusion to myself in that KO is not being honest in his dealings with others. Igan raises additional important questions about exactly how KO has been able to travel freely around the world when people of less importance are on a “no fly” list. I feel sorry for Max that he trusted KO as much as he did. The result is yet another explosion of angst and ill-feeling and negative energy between prominent figures in the “truth” movement (for want of a better term) – all part of a successful and often imperceptible plan to “divide and rule” those that stand against the evil powers that control the world.



Kay Griggs Interview (from 1998)






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