Re: Aquatic Ape Theory – Elaine Morgan

From: free.vegan_17

Date: 2018-03-01 14:11:04

Hey After reading the website and listening to the Unslaved podcast, I really don’t think that Aquatic Ape theory stands up to be honest, (no pun intended) as it doesn’t explain the fact that hu-mans have just 46 chromosomes and primates (hominoids have 48).  It just so happens that the Annunaki also have 46 chromosomes. I think there’s a big difference between enjoying having a lake on your doorstep and actually wanting to be a part of it.  There are a lot more people scared of being in water than we probably realise …so AAT is quite contestable.  One thing in its favour…without being crude, but it’s a fact…if people don’t wash themselves[down-there] they can smell fishy  .  Is this a commonality with other species I wonder !I’m no expert obviously, but I have read the genetics chapter in Lloyd Pye’s book (Everything You Know is Still Wrong [2017] ) and I feel it’s a very strong case. So… @6:10 mins in let’s listen again to Lloyd Pye concerning the genetics:  This is the REAL “Biggest Secret” – in just Ten MinsThis is the REAL “Biggest Secret” – in just Ten MinsThanks to the original upload source channel: “headhunters” for this video: “Lloyd Pye on Anunnak…So…can the genetics be refuted?  

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