Joined-up BBC Propaganda

A chap called Dominick sent me this link this morning:…


Before I read the article, I commented… “I am guessing it is still 20 years away…?” Of course I had to chuckle when I read the article:


The UK government has recently announced an investment of £200m to deliver electricity from a fusion reactor by 2040.

So here we have a double-dollop of lies – Hot Fusion power has always been 20 years in the future, since it was first mooted in the 1950s. This article is themed on this fact:


However, it of course fails to point, as does the BBC article, that LENR/cold fusion was crushed out of existence in Universities in the early 1990s. Current LENR researchers, as documented by groups like MFMP, could achieve tremendous things with £1 million of the £225 million mentioned above – if only the people running things really wanted to protect our environment, rather than destroy it and encourage us, through censorship, ridicule, aggression and suppression, to do the same thing.

The BBC – and other mainstream organisations – are guilty of causing damage to the environment – by assisting the cover up of technologies which are controlling the weather and climate. It is also covering up the possibilities technologies like LENR – which remain in the hands of weapons developers and similar people. Please read my free ebook   to learn more, if you haven’t already done so – and share the information – until Greta Thunberg and the group she fronts are a distant irrelevance.

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