New Interview with Richard D Hall – The Host and the Parasite

Richard asked me to read the book and review it with him. It was a big task as it’s over 500 pages in length! We recorded this a few weeks ago. Make of it what you will!!

I feel I should mention that I if as many people as study and talk about the Arab / Israel / Judaism / Zionism issues would study and talk about what happened to the WTC on 9/11, then perhaps more people would realise how the underpinnings of much of geopolitics then becomes irrelevant.


On today’s show Richard and Andrew Johnson discuss Greg Felton’s book, The Host and the Parasite. An extraordinarily important book that traces America’s slide into fascism and subservience to a foreign power. Felton argues persuasively that three groups have converged and come to dominate American policy for the benefit of Israel: the neoconservatives, the Republican evangelicals (Christian Zionists), and Jewish Zionists. He backs up his analysis with over 800 footnoted references to government, scholarly and media sources. Felton refutes the traditional progressive view that Israel is merely a client state of America. If this is so, he asks, how has America come to pursue policies that are so utterly contrary to their own national interest while being so highly beneficial to its junior partner? Felton also refutes the theory that ‘it’s all about oil,’ arguing that the First Persian Gulf War was the last American oil war and that the Second Persian Gulf War ignored the interests of American oil companies, increased American oil costs and reduced American national security. How could this have happened? The Second War, he demonstrates, can only be adequately explained by the take-over of American foreign and domestic policy for the benefit of Israel.


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