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From: Andrew Johnson Date: 2006-10-22 22:30:40…, an example for us all By Mark Ballard ? More by this author Published Friday 20th October 2006 17:45 GMT The government is is funding the roll out of fingerprint security at the doors of pubs and clubs in major…

Saved Web Pages Here you will find a selection of "Saved" Web Pages. In most cases, click on any links on these actual pages will require an active internet connection to see the page linked to. If you read through the Introductory page on this…

On this page, I have included a section "PDF" files. If you click on the links and an error message appears, you will need to install Acrobat Reader to read these files.

UFO/ETI Related Documents


BBC Web Site Coverage of Disclosure Project Press Conference  Why is the photo at the top of this article one from a hoaxed UFO video?
The Greatest Secret Ever? If you want an overview of in 2 pages of the Disclosure Project and the main issues it raises, look at this and show it to as many people as you feel you can.
"Why did I never hear about the May 9th Disclosure Press Conferemce?" This article offers some ideas.
June Crain Interview  June Crain worked at Wright Patterson Airforce Base in the 40’s and 50’s – around the time of the events at Roswell etc – and offers proof. There seem to be a few spelling mistakes in this document!
Eisenhower_Briefing about a Crashed Disc  An example from www.majesticdocument…. Decide whether you think it is genuine.
Leslie Kean – UFO & Science_Research  Despite intense public interest, there has been no independent, federally financed scientific research conducted on these phenomena since the flawed and biased 1969 Condon report.
Roswell Personnel – some evaluations  Here you can read something about some of the people whose stories are told in the Roswell (TV Movie, 1994)
MJ12_Fifth Annual Report  This document appears to cover many of the salient issues in the UFO field – from a government perspective. Decide whether you think it is genuine.
Phil Schneider  The story starts on page 12 of the PDF file. Phil Schneider spoke candidly about his own experiences and joined the lecture circuit. He was found dead in 1996. He wasn’t the only one to talk about the Dulce Bases.
Pre-war Creature Retrieval 2000  The story of Alien Bodies held in Washington.
SETI e-mail  This e-mail was sent to me in March this year. Needless to say, no follow-up e-mail has been forthcoming.
Edward Tellers Pitch to Reagan for SDI  This looks rather "rough and ready" – perhaps it is only a draft. As ever, make your own mind up.
NSA Memo  This document outlines the way the NSA (National Secuirty Agency) was set up in the USA. Not directly UFO related, but this body does have a lot of dealings with the subject.

Cometa Report Part 1

Cometa Report Part 2

Published in 1999, this seems to be a French version of Disclosure. The great significance of this report has not even been mentioned, to my knowledge, in ANY of the UK press or Media – why?
Above Black Dan Sherman says he was involved in a Military Black Project called PPD in which he states he was involved in inuitivley communicating with aliens. What do you think of his story? Please read the introduction first.
John Lear on Art Bell Show John Lear is the head of the Lear Jet Corporation. He has some very odd things to say.

Anti Gravity/Free Energy Research and Information

The internet is the natural home of this information – there are many hundreds – possibly thousands of sites. Here is a tiny sample of the information available.


New Scientist Cold Fusion – March 2003  Many people assume that Cold Fusion "died a death" and there was nothing ever in it. Again, Web Reserach is likely to show otherwise. Here is a New Scientist Report on the subject.
Asymmetric Capacitor Analysis Theories behind how the Lifter may operate.
Anti Gravity Research  A very large document detailing some of the Anti gravity Research that has been carried out around the world.
New Energy Technologies Our present methods for solving current environmental problems are only partially working,
because they attempt to solve the result of a problem and not get to the root causes of why a
particular problem has occurred. This document presents a brief overview of some of the Free Energy Technologies which may be viable.

Background Articles

Even if you don’t believe all this Disclosure stuff, there seems to be a growing body of evidence that recent events have been manipulated with a view to maintaining control over Oil Supplys.

Bottom of the Barell. Guardian Article published in December 2003 regarding dwindlings oil supplies.
Bogus War on Terror In 2 Guardian Articles in 2003, former Environment Minister, Michael Meacher has beenvery critical of government policy and has tried to expose what he sees as the real reasons for the Political and other machinations of 2003 in the arena of Oil and Iraq. (I agree with him!)
A Very Secret Service

Have a look at these and count how many times you come across the phrase "true believers" or something similar. To be fair, the Sunday Express Article is very good – unlike the "UFO-Oled" Daily Mail Article. If you click on the links and an…

So, if you realise the gravity of the situation, what can you do?  Do anything to raise the profile of this of this subject (in a good way). One thing you can do is write to your local MP (or other political representative if that’s…

  Video Evidence & Material   In the table below, you will find what I consider to be important Video Evidence about the subject. I think that because it is perhaps the most important, it is also the most controversial. If you click on the…

In the table below, you will find what I consider to be important Audio Evidence about the subject. Of particular note is the Testimony of Robert Jacobs and that of Stan Romanek. Much of this material comes from the Strange Days Indeed web Archive which can be found at www.virtuallystrange…

Below this table are several other items – not exactly evidence, just related material. Notice the closing comments by a certain Andy Roberts at the end of "New X files" (Radio 4 documentary).

If you click on the links and an error message appears, you will need to install WinAmp to hear these files.


Danial Sheehan 

Danial Sheehan, a constitutional trial attorney who served in both the Pentagon Papers case and that of Karen Silkwood speaks about the legal perspective involved in dealing with UFO cases. He is serving as General Council to the Disclosure Project.

The 2nd clip is him talking, in July 2001, about the report that was prepared for the Science & Technology Committee of the US Congress in the Carter era, and some of its conclusions.

Danial Sheehan speaks about a Congressional Report
Dr Don Doneri  Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, McGill University – contributor to ‘UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge’ discusses Science’s reluctance to investigate UFOs and his observation of the abduction phenomena.
Dr. Steven Greer (Feb 03) Steven Greer speaks about the Colombia Disaster and the Disclosure Project.
Steven Greer (again!) Dec 03 Steven Greer speaks John Lear’s briefing and about the energy device and Disclosure in general.
Dr Robert Jacobs  Former Lt. USAF Film Unit shot footage of UFO buzzing & ‘zapping’ Atlas dummy warhead. I feel his testimony is very important in both content and the way it is made – 05-04-02.
Leslie Kean  One of the few Investigative Journalists & Broadcasters to take a close look at aspects of UFOs: The COMETA Report, Kecksberg, Pilot Encounters, Science and the Failure To Investigate Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Crop Circles – 01-11-03 
Missing Times  Terry Hansen & John Velez Author ‘The Missing Times’ – they discuss News Media complicity in the UFO Cover-up.
Nick Cook on Anti Gravity Reseach 1  Nick Cook talks about research conducted on Nazi Germany and how his research indicated what they had been working on and how far they got – and where it ended up. (This does not even mention UFO’s or flying saucers, but ties in with aspects of Disclosure Witness testimony about advanced technology being covertly developed).
Nick Cook on Anti Gravity Reseach 2 Nick Cook talks to Jeff Rense about further aspects of his research.
Palmiro Campagna & James Smith  James Smith is the son of Wilbert Smith. They talk about Wilbert Smith’s career and experience with UFO research, as well as some his work on Project Magnet.
1980 Halt’s Rendlesham Recordings  This is a little garbled, but you can hear then men’s reactions to what they saw.
Stan Romanek 1  Stan Romanek talks about his recent abduction experience. He has photographic, video, witness and physical evidence. This can be found on these pages.
Stan Romanek 2 
Ted Philips – the Cave  Ted Philips met a geologist who discovered a strange structure in an Eastern European cave at an undisclosed, but almost inaccessible, location. The area the cave was in was bombed in the 2nd World War, which resulted in the cave partially collapsing. Ted Philips has not been able to fund further exploration of the Cave.
Trumbull County Tapes (Kenny Young)  This is a remarkable recording of a lengthy encounter in Trumbull County with several officers and other witnesses involved.
Wilbert Smith Speech 1958  In his speech in Ottowa, made in 1958, Wilbert Smith gives an informed comprehensive overview of the subject and eloquently encapsulates many of my own views on the subject and how it perhaps ties in with everything else.
Wilbert Smith Vancouver Talk (1958) He covers some very interesting topics here – from Atomic Bomb tests to Relativity.
Larry Warren & Peter Robinson Dec 2003, Larry Warren and Peter Robinson speak with Jeff Rense about what happened in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980.
Socorro, 1945 What did Jose Padilla, age 9, and friend, Remigio Baca aged 7, see in Socorro in 1945? Perhaps the object was there because of Nuclear Tests which had recently been going on?
John Lennon Perhaps one of the most famous wintesses. Listen to his account. Now you understand one line of the song "Nobody told me…"
Command Sergeant Robert O’Dean Another military witness describing what he learned when he had a high secuirty clearance. He also discusses the implications of what he says he knows is true.

Related Material


British X Files Radio 4’s Documentary on previously denied official interest, broadcast in 2002.
New X Files  Radio 4’s 2nd documentary on the subject is considerably more imbalanced. Indeed, I was prompted to write this response.
Disclosure Project On Radio Derby Because I am committed to raising the profile of the Disclosure Project, I contacted BBC Radio Derby and asked them if I could go on and talk about it. Listen to the half-hour slot here (which simply covers a few of the topics included on this CD).
BBC Horizon – Remote Viewing, 1983 This is an audio of the BBC’s Programme on Remote Viewing – which I had a tape of. You may not think this is linked to the UFO subject. Do your own research! I do wonder if such a programme would be broadcast today.
Impending Oil Crisis Even if you can’t believe all the issues raised here, we still need to consider what will happen when the Oil runs out and what we do about it. Listen to this Dutch Radio programme which considers this most important issue. (From this page originally:….)

From: Andrew Johnson Date: 2006-10-22 13:06:40…,,1924906,00.html   Gaza doctors say patients suffering mystery injuries after Israeli attacks · Deaths caused by burning and internal wounds · Jerusalem denies using experimental weapon Rory McCarthy in Gaza CityWednesday October 18, 2006 Guardian Doctors in Gaza have reported previously…