Was the NYC Steam Pipe Explosion Predicted?

From: Andrew Johnson

Date: 2007-07-23 17:05:54

www.godlikeproductio… nameUser ID: 2664117/14/2007 6:07 PMMajor bombing threat to New York on Wednesday July 18 — Please warn the American peopleQuoteTwelve guys from Israel’s Kidon unit are going to target NYC (department stores, Broadway, other locae) with high explosives and possibly a mini-nuke and make it look like al Qaeda terrorists with “Iranian links” are responsible.I know these guys are involved: Shmuel Harriman, Yitzhak Frenkel, Menahem Vitman, Don Palder, Ari Itzkovich, Jay “Crow” Stimpson, Michael Panchet, Don Lineweaver, and Yocheved Gilman-Katz. I don’t know the names of the three other guys.The way I was told, it’s supposed to be “a dry run” to test warning systems, and this has secretly been given the go-ahead by Chertoff.If you push this around the Net, I know for sure they’ll scramble the show.Please do it.I won’t hang around in case they trace me before I’m gone.

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