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The weather is something which affects all of us, every day of our lives. It dictates our long and short-term plans. In the UK, the weather is the “default topic” of conversation for strangers and friends alike. Though it has obvious and far reaching importance, most people don’t know very much about the weather. These days, they don’t take time to observe it and probably spend more time looking at a screen than they do looking at the sky. They don’t really know why the weather seems to be changing. They are told by mainstream sources that anthropogenic (human) activity is having a negative effect on the weather. This book collects together, for the first time anywhere, a range of diverse data which proves that the whole issue of “climate change” is more complicated and challenging than almost all researchers into all these topics are willing to consider, examine or entertain. The book covers the global warming myth, geoengineering proposals, persistent jet trails, weather anomalies, weather modification, 9/11 and Agenda 21. Most of the people that need to read this book probably won’t ever hear about it.

It is hoped that, by the time you have read this book, your world-view will have been shattered completely and you will have learned about the manipulation that you and everyone else, has been subjected to, since talk of global warming and climate change was first heard in the late 1980s. Once you have read and inwardly digested the contents of this book, your immunity against global deception and psychological manipulation will be increased.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
I love the way Andrew Johnson in his writing deals with …

on 19 September 2017


This is one book that should be on everyone’s Christmas list, should stand on every library shelf, be in every school, college, university, and should be in every home so that every man, woman and child can learn the truth.

‘Climate Change and Global Warming… Exposed by Andrew Johnson’; to me as i read the last chapter it was very clear to me that there is a group of people who hold some type of technology that is being used to change and alter the very atmosphere in our sky that we rely and depend on every day. I found the book to be a most interesting and intriguing read and feel Andrew covered each subject matter with just enough information to keep any such new readers to the subject matters he covers in his book highly engaged and he does not bogg down the reader with realms of data, historical papers etc. Andrew Johnson, provides the reader with bare facts and factual information and keeps the reader, interested and intrigued and provides them with an encouraged desire to want to research further for them selves.

For me, if I had read the book when I first started out on my weather modification and 911 journey with DR Wood, or had not really heard of her then the book provides the reader with a real flavour and a chance to want to take a look at her work. Although I hold some knowledge knowledge of Dr Wood’s work and her work on Hurricane Erin that is pinnacle to what technology they ( this group of people) hold and how such hidden technologies are used against human kind, then this book has opened up this topic in a most reliable and intriguing way. In his book Andrew has managed to pull through this very important fundamental fact expertly as the book unfolds, therefore i agree with the conclusion Andrew draws in his book that there is something much bigger going on in terms of weather modification geoenginering then we at this time could ever know about.

I love the way Andrew Johnson in his writing deals with the msm and chemtrail/persistent jet trail social media and website groups. On reading his book I found in Andrews research to have struck the right balance in brining forth to the reader to each subject matter and how each subject came to even exist and for what purpose. I was thoroughly intrigued in the way Andrew covered the solar system in chapter six, i found it absolutely enthralling such an interesting read and i learned so much. Chapter seven provides the reader with paragraphs and photographs that supports the reader to work through the much needed ‘fact from fiction’ aspect that lurks shouting in the chemtrails PJT communities.

He, ties together excellently The subject of The U.N. and Agenda 21 from chapter four and leds the reader through an educational and thought provoking journey right the way up to chapter seventeen. Chapter eighteen I wanted to cry as Andrew hit the nail on the head! I loved reading the book and the style in which Andrew has written it, I found it a most excellent read.

He, uses outstanding skills and leads the reader on a journey at a pace that the reader can take in the information as the the book subject matter unfolds. I found he was kind in his writings to those who deserve such credit such as Reich and Constable etc and most importantly he is balanced in regard to those who do not deserve it and to those who make a whole manner of claims without real solid verifiable evidence to back up what they say. I was also pleased to read that Andrew merely only gave Wigington no more than a few words, thus stopped any attempt from manipulators to feed into any battles they may wish to create. Also, in my opinion Wiginton is not worth the print ink !.

I found this book ‘Climate Change and Global Warming… Exposed by Andrew Johnson; to be a highly interesting, intriguing and educational read and the photographs of the planet’s are beautiful and Andrew came at the whole subject matter as a point of questions and exploration of the subject matters and I found he brought these all together beautifully word after word.

I loved every word and every page of it, and in my opinion Andrew deserve every recognition for what he has achieved in this book. It’s such an interesting and informative read and i immensely enjoyed reading it from to cover to cover all over again.


Thanks Andrew


5.0 out of 5 stars
Did you know a Hurricane named ‘Erin’ of Katrina size, was sitting right of the coast of Manhattan on 911?

on 21 September 2017

I’ve read the E-book and it brings together many subjects I’ve looked at over the years in a very approachable way to anyone new to this subject and gives the skeptic and serious researcher all the sources to start their deep dive. My take is essentially what you’ve demonstrated i.e. Dr Wood has proven we have a new energy that was used in a destructive way on 911, with probable, if not certain weather control aspects, as was demonstrated with the conspicuous presence of hurricane Erin sitting right off the coast of Manhattan (This one fact alone should have you reaching for this seminal book). This much is without dispute. AGW is just another tool to allow global control both financially and emotionally. Those that you’ve highlighted who attempt to be independent in their research are either ‘turned’ or silenced. HAARP, we just don’t know what its being used for but I also agree its not going to be for our benefit. Same for contrails as I don’t prescribe to their being a harmful chemical element (until evidence is presented).

So who has the limitless funds and global control to instigate all these nefarious strands of human misery and manipulation and to what end? Hmmmmmmm, I think we all know but dare not speak their name?

I’ve recommended your work and this specific book now, to all those I come in contact with as a source of fact based evidence and integrity.

Regards John


 Evidence-based Disclosure Instead of Conspiracy Entertainment

on September 22, 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase


 Book Overview and Review by Teresa Bacon

This book brings sense to the perplexing situation which we ordinary citizens find ourselves in.  We are continually subjected to dire warnings about human activity causing Climate Change and Global Warming, and so are keenly conscious of the need to reduce waste and conserve energy while endeavouring to reduce our ‘Carbon Footprint’. At the same time however, those in authority the world over are dishing out ‘Fracking’ permits to extract fuel in the most environmentally hostile way imaginable.

Anyone  daring to question the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory risks being made to look ‘mad or stupid’, such is the power of this orthodoxy which has gained traction over the last thirty to forty years. As Andrew Johnson comments in his introduction, “I doubt any journal would publish the evidence I include and describe here – it would be too damaging to established interests.” He later quotes Dr David Bellamy, who lost his prestigious BBC career and was ostracised for questioning AGW: “This is not science – it’s religion

In challenging the new AGW ‘religion’, the author’s stated intent is to share knowledge, not to expound beliefs which cannot be backed up by observations and research.  As he remarks, there is no way of knowing how much CO2 has increased due to Industrialisation, therefore those who propose potentially damaging action based on false conclusions “could make the problem worse  – and one has to wonder, is that what someone wants

 Based on the evidence, this ‘someone’ is a control group whose agenda is not “saving the planet and protecting the environment”. Though this group conceals its identity, its activities are shown to be all about “gaining increased power and control over the lives of ordinary people”. The UN-affiliated ‘Club of Rome’ think-tank is credited with creating AGW as a scam for this purpose, declaring ‘The Common Enemy of Humanity is Man’. Quoting comments on ‘Environmentalism’ by former UN clerk turned multi-millionaire Maurice Strong (who set up the 1992 Rio Summit) Andrew Johnson highlights what is really going on:  “The one cause the UN could harness to make itself a truly powerful world government

In furthering that clear agenda, powerful propaganda is used to stifle debate and enforce a consensus. The author has personally experienced this, for instance at the 2010 Royal Society public consultation entitled ‘Geoengineering – Taking Control of our Planet’s Climate’. All presentations ‘assumed CO2 was evil, and had to be stopped’ (even though as Johnson wryly notes, it is the air we all breathe out) Challenging the implicitly accepted reality of CO2-based climate change, his own question included reading out a section from Eisenhower’s 1961 US. ’farewell to the nation’ address, warning it about the potential dangers of ‘misplaced power’ being assumed by the Military Industrial Complex.

Such a partisan audience did not want to hear Eisenhower’s prophetic words, that ‘public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite’. Neither did they wish to consider Andrew Johnson’s observations on twenty years of AGW propaganda, or his evidence that geoengineering was already being used. His experience of the 2013 ‘Next Steps in Climate Science’ was similar – Academics discussing ‘limited sets of evidence and flawed models’.

While chapter four of the book concludes that anyone wishing to discuss different evidence will be ‘stonewalled’ by those claiming to know better, the next one sets out several factors ignored by AGW proponents.  Fluctuations in solar activity have been linked to the icy ‘Maunder Minimum’  of 1645-1715, likewise the ‘Medieval Warm Period’ of 1000 – 1300.  Since the 1970’s, Climate changes elsewhere in the Solar System have also been evident in ‘all planets with an atmosphere’. Density/composition changes in the Local Interstellar Medium could possibly affect Earth’s climate also, but this is never discussed by AGW proponents.  Taking other researchers’ ideas on these changes into consideration, Andrew Johnson speculates that a wider scale energy system may be affecting not only our climate, but the sun’s activity as well.

 The ‘Persistent Jet Trail’ phenomenon is discussed over four chapters, such is the enigma of why some trails which should disappear after a few minutes are now so often seen to be lingering – so long that many form lines over great distances. Some are seen to form grids/circular etc. patterns in the sky.  A twenty page report and questions sent to relevant organisations yielded only one useful response, from the Department for Transport – they sent a 2005 paper by Professor Ulrich Schumann titled ‘Formation, Properties and Climate Effects of Contrails’. This posited that ‘ice supersaturation’ may be responsible, in areas up to 150 km – and yet images show much longer lines (up to 27 minutes of flight time)  Schumann states ‘the climatic impact of contrail cirrus is not known’, and this may be so on a global and long-term scale. However, time-lapse video evidence by Andrew Johnson (and other documentation by thousands of people world- wide) reveal short-term climate change – ‘haze develops, sunlight levels drop’.

A 2016 study whose title claims it is ‘Quantifying Expert consensus against the existence of a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying programme’ was found by Andrew Johnson to be a collation of answers to PJT questions, and not a scientific study. Despite this, it is referenced in a ‘New Scientist’ website article by Phil Platt (the ‘Bad Astronomer’) who debunks PJT anomalies without any Climatologist, Meteorologist or Aircraft Specialist qualification.  While there are those who seek to downplay the significance of PJT, others hold up evidence/images (some faked) which they claim as proof of toxic ‘chemtrail’ spraying.  In Johnson’s words, “Hence it appears there is an unusual , real phenomenon to be witnessed, which is important – because someone is deliberately promoting false evidence about it

With so little useful information forthcoming from official bodies/any other source, Andrew Johnson undertook an extensive tracking and recording comparison study of aircraft movements/observable trails both by himself, and also with the aid of several volunteers across the UK.  In chapter eight, anyone interested in trying this can find much information on useful technical equipment. Despite the author’s considerable expenditure in time and effort, documenting trails and identifying the corresponding flight numbers/aircraft types is not an easy task.

 As discussed in chapter nine, however – it seems that PJTs are being ‘perception managed’ to become a familiar and accepted part of daily life. The classic 1980’s ‘Railway Children’ film was edited to include aircraft trails, and these can be seen in many other examples including music video, CGI children’s films and book cover images. ‘Red Herrings’ such as Dr J. Marvin Herndon’s 2015 ‘Chemtrails are Coal Fly Ash’ paper are useful in sending those who question the PJT phenomenon up blind alleys, as this piece of lazy and sloppy ‘research’ was easily disproved. Andrew Johnson sees it as yet another example of the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ used to influence public perceptions: a “false explanation for real phenomena’ gains credibility, then is debunked – allowing the original problem to remain hidden.

Weather anomalies have been recorded in various parts of the world such as Australia (a huge ‘iced donut’ shape seen in the sky, 2010) USA (large scale circular features shown up on weather radar, around 1999) and also UK (strange cloud formations etc, increasingly observed  by the author over the past few years)  These are indicative to him of changes occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere, although not linked by ‘Climate Change’ proponents to human activity. He suggests that they are artificially induced, and that ‘large scale, sophisticated but covert Geoengineering has been in use since at least 2001

The US Military are said to ‘like to control the weather or change it’, and it is known that Geoengineering attempts have been made in various areas over 100 years.  President Kennedy said at the UN General Assembly in 1961: “We shall propose further co-operative efforts between all nations in weather prediction, and eventually in weather control” In 1997 the US Secretary of Defence warned of ‘Eco Terrorism’ by ‘Rogue States’, who could alter climates and remotely activate earthquakes and volcanos via EM waves.  As Andrew Johnson remarks, in truth the Global Control Group and not ‘Rogue Nations’ are the real terrorists. He offers proof of this in his chapter 13 (‘Don’t talk about the weather’) where we are introduced to the biggest and most wilfully concealed weather anomaly of them all – Hurricane Erin.

A storm system which on some measurements exceeded ‘Katrina’ in size, sped towards New York over four days in September 2001. Closest on the early morning of September 11th, it was blanked by all but one TV channel weather report. On September 12th, it veered off sharply towards  Newfoundland.  Almost never discussed on either ‘Mainstream’ or ‘Conspiracy’ websites, its significance became clear to Dr Judy Wood when she first saw it some years later in 2008, on Space Satellite images of fumes rising from the WTC site. She compares such ‘Super Cell’ storms to Tesla Coils, and explores the possibility that technology exists to harness their electrical properties for ‘secondary purposes’ – as Inventor John Hutchison was able to demonstrate (albeit on a much smaller scale) through his Electrostatic Field experiments. Dr Wood’s book ‘Where Did the Towers Go?’ provides a definitive account of 9/11 events (perpetrated on behalf of the hidden control group) With Dr Morgan Reynolds, she made a gallant attempt at bringing justice for those slain, maimed and bereaved on 9/11 – the ‘Qui Tam’ law suit taken out against fraudulent NIST Contractors, who gave false evidence in the official Inquiry documents.

In Andrew Johnson’s words: “In simple terms then, it seems Hurricane Erin formed part of an energy interference system –one which was used to turn the WTC towers to dust in about 20 seconds” and “It appears someone can steer hurricanes – this conclusion has the most profound implications for any discussion of ‘Climate Change’ or AGW.”

Until this topic is allowed to seep into public consciousness, the intended consequences of ‘fundamentalist AGW beliefs’ will continue to be rolled out.  Andrew Johnson quotes Rosa Koire (author of ‘Behind the Green Mask‘) on ‘Agenda 21’ , the document promoted at the UN conference in Rio (1992) “It is the blueprint, it is the action plan, to inventory and control all land, all water, all plants, all minerals, all construction, all animals, all means of production, all energy, all information and all human beings in the world” Though the UN purports to be a well-meaning secular organisation which only wants peace and security for all, there is much evidence of a sinister background of links to esoteric groups such as the Lucis trust. A quotation from the ‘Great Invocation’ highlights this, as read out by Eleanor Roosevelt on ‘World Invocation Day’ in 1952: “Let purpose guide the little wills of men, the purpose that the Masters know and serve.” Along with Andrew Johnson, we need to be asking ‘who are the ‘Masters’ mentioned here?’

The extreme weather which UK residents have experienced in recent years (floods, and storm systems named for the first time in 2015) has been attributed to AGW, while our media assists in perception management – i.e., the ‘Guardian’ newspaper proclaimed: “It’s a fact – climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly’. (It seems, to explain away the anomalous fact of HH actually gaining strength after landfall) Meanwhile, EU directives weakened our flood defences – and decreed that areas of the Somerset levels should be left defenceless to enable ‘biodiversity’.  As Andrew Johnson says, “Who would consider the climate/weather itself could also be being engineered to make such events happen?” and “Hegelian Dialectic is used to guide people away from such a conclusion, and focus on more prosaic explanations

The final chapter discusses knowledge which could and should be for the benefit of all, in Andrew Johnson’s words: “We have been deprived of world-changing technologies and techniques” (by) “The same dark forces that are pushing Agenda21 etc” These energy sources would offset any ‘AGW’ or Climate Change alleged by them, and would be low-cost and/or pollution free. Examples listed include the ‘Meyer Cell’ emission-less car, and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (discovered by Drs Pons and Fleischmann) which was stifled by vested Energy interests. The problem with traditional ‘renewables’ is the considerable expense in manufacturing things like wind turbines, and there are also storage/maximum output limitations. However, it is clear to the author here that Dr Wood’s 9/11 research reveals the existence of ‘Free Energy’ technology.

Those who weaponised this for nefarious purposes on 9/11 remain hidden and protected, therefore “People need to start demanding more truth and accountability, based on now easily accessible facts As Andrew Johnson says, “Use of energy is one of the keys to global control of the masses” and “If free energy were available for everyone, it would change everything”.  People (such as Wilhelm Reich) whose work was likely misappropriated in the development of this energy, had intended it for the benefit of their fellow man, not to terrorise and enslave them. We can’t rely on organisations such as ‘Amnesty International’ or ‘Stop The War’ to say what needs to be said – their UN, Tavistock Institute etc. links reveal them to be contaminated by ‘Inertia, infiltration and control’.

In conclusion, the author talks of the ‘cover story’ of what those in control want us to believe, versus the truth behind what it is they are trying to hide via a ‘Global Deception Grid’ of fear and confusion. Terrorist attacks, climate change and extreme weather, bio-warfare, virulent disease, cancer, food/ fuel/energy shortage, and economic collapse are the threats which our controllers say will befall us, unless we hand them all control of our daily lives for ‘safeguarding’. We are being groomed to accept their Geoengineering and aircraft trails, while sceptics are encouraged to talk of toxic spraying or ‘HAARP’ to confuse the issue. Andrew Johnson wonders if Earth’s atmosphere is being externally manipulated, by those who have stolen and perfected Wilhelm Reich’s weather/atmosphere technology. 

Reich’s ‘Emotional Plague’ theory is a phenomenon which Andrew Johnson identifies as behind many people’s (especially those in authority) hostility to the concept that “a secret group of some kind is doing things without their knowledge or consent” If after reading the evidence in this book, we identify with the infinitely larger group ‘just trying to live their lives and help one another in some way’-  then it is now incumbent upon us to “make more people aware of the information presented here, and challenge those who should be looking into it (GOs and NGOs alike)


My overall impression of this book is of an exhaustively researched work, complemented with many relevant images. For those preferring the truth to what those in power want us to believe, Andrew Johnson’s insightful ‘take’ on many troubling issues is well worth reading, if uncomfortable at times. Government, councils, and MSM have pushed emotive terms such as ‘Carbon Footprint’ until many are sick of hearing them. Here is an opportunity to decide for ourselves – are reasons given for the increasing regulation of our lives really genuine, or is there something else going on behind our backs?

Like most people, I follow guidance on recycling, reducing waste, and conserving energy and water. Why is it then, that one look at David Attenborough’s pained expression tells me that my mere existence is destroying the planet? Thanks to Andrew Johnson’s book, I now know Attenborough is affiliated to the ‘Population Matters’ group (which presumably would like to elbow a huge section of global population off the planet, in order to keep it as a preserve of the global elite)

It was fascinating to look into the professed environmental concern of eminent bodies such as the UN, and see evidence of their greed for power and control behind it. Populations must, of course, continually persevere with resource conservation efforts. However, this book provides us with much valid information on how those in control have manipulated environmental data to suit their purposes.  Andrew Johnson’s rigorous and meticulous recording of Persistent Jet Trails contrasts well with this deception, as he openly shares results from his own work and that of volunteers who assisted him.

  In my estimation, this book’s coverage  of weather/climate phenomena, suppression of clean energy technology, and  9/11 evidence is of huge importance. The most profound revelation of all is that involving hurricane Erin on that day, and the ‘energy system’ it formed part of – “one which was used to turn the WTC towers to dust in about 20 seconds.” It may be a bitter pill for those who still believe that we are ruled by those who have our best interests at heart, but the overall message contains great optimism. In the author’s words, we have been “forbidden from having access to knowledge and technology to live in harmony with the rest of the planet” Sharing this information, and demanding truth and accountability from those in authority, is the first step in reclaiming that technology for the greater good.



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