Free Energy Devices, WTC and a Tom Bearden Story

A recent email asking “Why do you say the WTC was destroyed using Free Energy” prompted me to write this. I feel I have written it several times, but couldn’t find a copy, so I had to type it again!!


  1. WTC destruction – The WTC towers “disappeared”. If you read the WDTTG book or study the videos and lectures by Dr Wood and elsewhere, you will come to know that the buildings did not burn up, nor did the slam to the ground – they turned to dust in mid-air. Bombs didn’t do this. Plane crashes didn’t do it. Neither potential nor kinetic energy did it. Conventional fission nuclear devices were not used. So, what process(es) generated the energy to turn the towers to dust (or caused a sufficient matter/energy change)? This is where the “free energy” issue is revealed. It is also where cold fusion – and transmutation (see the Bearden story, below) come in. 
  1. The argument that free energy devices don’t exist or don’t work because people aren’t running their houses on them etc is a simplistic one and only partly valid. The problem often comes with continuous running of such a device. For example, several devices that I have seen in videos do produce more energy than they receive. However, they can only be run for a few minutes or hours before overheating or a bearing wears out or something breaks. (I think this was the case with the Lutec device…) , and I think it was the same with the Yildiz device (…)  which was publicly demonstrated a few years ago. Producing something as reliable as, say, a car engine, that can run smoothly, quietly and reliably for thousands of hours, requires advanced design, crafting, moulding and machine tooling equipment to make components. These things are normally only available to large corporations or people with an awful lot of money. When things go onto that scale, they get noticed – and thus, are shut down usually before things really go anywhere.


I was recently watching Episode 12 (“Petrovoltaics”) (energyfromthevacuum…. ) of Tony Craddock’s “Energy from the Vacuum” (EFTV) series. Craddock seems fiercely protective of copyright and is likely, himself, part of the energy cover up (although you wouldn’t think so if you watch the video series). See my article about this here: www.checktheevidence… . You can buy his DVDs here energyfromthevacuum…. (not particularly cheap)

In this episode, John Bedini  (now deceased, sadly) describes how he was making resistors for audio projects (presumably in the 1970s or 1980s). Bedini tends to ramble and is difficult to pin down, most of the time, but he talks about making  “negative resistors” – effectively a room temperature super conductor. Dr. Deborah D. L. Chung is mentioned – she talked about having experimented with a “negative resistor” in 1998. (Her research is covered in EFTV Episode 3 – )

Bedini was baking crystalline compounds in an oven to make his own special transistors and found that transmutation was occurring. This process lead on, according to Col Tom Bearden, “other things.” Is the account from Bearden (starting at 21:30) mins into Episode 12 – , below, true? I suspect it is. I also suspect his characterisation of the sort of people who are running the cover up is pretty accurate…. Transmutation is another big “no-no” – which I understand is why they had to shut down LENR (Cold Fusion) research in the early 1990s.



Transcript below:

T Henry (Moray) had a process where you could go out to quartzite sand – good quartzite sand – and you could dig yourself up a ton of  quartzite sand you could run through this process and it would make about 100 ounces of gold – depending on the time and everything – 50 to 100 ounces. You could take the quartzite sand [that] you just dumped out that you processed, as if you had gold in it to begin with, you could run that right back through there and you get another 40-50 ounces. So, that was one of the reasons that they were coming down on him to kill him and everything like that. The last thing you want to do is make gold.

Bedini made gold and we almost got killed. One of the great disrupters – Czjaker – may he not rest in peace – the silly bastard is dead now – and good riddance – because he was responsible for deaths of some folks and he suppressed an incredible amount of free energy machines and stuff. And he was very proud of his handiwork. Well Czjaker was sent in to suppress the effort. We didn’t know who the hell he was – except he had all this information and all this knowledge because everything he helped suppressing on – he meticulously documented it  with slides and photographs and you can’t believe the documentation. And his modus operandi was, he had been briefed that John had ground all these rocks and so John was a natural… [John  said] “I’ll sell him on how to make gold but I’ll hold back 20% of the process…” What he didn’t know is that the 20% he held back, John already knew. The other mistake he made – he thought I was the brains of the outfit. I wasn’t – John was. I don’t know a damn thing about grinding up rocks. I’m not a bench person. John is. He’s an awfully good one.  So in John’s making of his transistors for his audio amplifiers, he puts them under pressure – very high stress – and he centers them not too different from what Moray was doing and he fires electrical discharge – huge electrical discharge bursts into them and when he gets through, he makes these beautiful transistors.

But the slag that’s left over from what he started with has turned into black Ruby – laced with gold and silver. Prettiest stuff you ever saw! Beautiful stuff! And there wasn’t any Ruby in there to begin with, and there wasn’t any gold and wasn’t any wasn’t in silver…  So John proceeded to take this process idea they added the other 20% decided to make gold, Czjaker almost came unglued. Because he came in, here we were and we’re gonna open up of a mine called Bedini One. We’re gonna salt that sucker at midnight! We’ve already had to stop SA’d John had had it SA’d. It was real gold! No question! By the way when you make a transmutation of gold, all the isotopes of gold have very short [half] lives – wait 30 minutes what is radioactive and it all goes away and you don’t have any problem. So, that’s one big benefit.

So Czjaker hurries and scurries out of there, cuz we’re gonna open up a mine. We’re gonna fund the energy work [using] Bedini One – a mine. And we’re gonna dig it out and gonna sell the gold,  you see, just like it was ore. But we’re gonna clean it every night. So he goes out and he makes a call and he’s back in less than 24 hours and he even dropped some of his cover. He let us know who he was talking to was very interesting – that that was part of the channel – [the] guy was a well-known scientist.  But we were ordered – you know “you’ve got 24 hours to agree to quit this or you both will be killed … you *will* be killed. You can play with your silly little energy stuff, but if you think you’re gonna make gold and play with an international financier, you’ve got another think coming. For your silly information half the gold Russians sell on the market is made in a lab, but you’re not going to make it.” 

Well actually they meant business – they said “if either one of you guys gets on an airplane or travels in 60 days” you will die. We won’t tell you whether we kill you on the airplane or getting on or off, but you will die. So 60 days is it. Meanwhile, you’ve got 24 hours to agree to give this up.” So we did – no need to commit suicide.

Well, about 60 days – about 64 days later I had to travel. “Oh by the way,” they said, “Bearden we may kill you….” thinking “I’m the brains” behind how we made to gold. I’m not –  John is. … But took the pressure off of John, see. [They said] “We may kill you anyway – we’re still making up our mind.” And they’re arrogant bastards you see. “If we do, it’ll be by an ice start dipped in curare.” Big mistake. The fellow who invented that trick for the CIA happens to be a personal friend of mine. By sheer coincidence. They didn’t know that. I knew all about ice darts dipped in curare.  So, anyway, 64 days later I had to make a trip to El Paso. I carried a government Ph.D. with me – on the project we were working on. We went out there and did our business. Come back on American [Airlines] – back through Dallas Fort Worth, change to another flight – come to Huntsville. Got in about five o’clock at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. You know what it is [like] there at five o’clock – all kinds of hundreds of people… walking in. [In] Those days you didn’t have the phones back on the wall. They had them on up there right by the walkway on a board outfit with the little ears on them.  And you just step up and take the phone and talk. Now they’ve got them moved back on the wall. But the fellow that got off the airplane ahead of me – a few steps ahead of me  – walked in and picked up the phone off of the leader … stop – and I stepped past him one step and he let out a squall. And he hit the floor kicking and flopping. And I knew what happened. I moved very suddenly, getting my back [in] cover. And I never did see the guy [who] fired the shot – for – too many people… But I sit there and watch the guy kick and flop and bite through his tongue… from each side of his mouth and he died…

Dr Kelly had gone to the John. I wanted a witness to the incident. So when he came out, I said “Dr Kelly I think this guy had some kind of seizure or something. Looks to me like he just died.” And Kelly went up and looked and other people are beginning to gather around you know and he says “He is very very dead. He ain’t breathing – nothing. There’s no pulse that you can see anywhere or anything. He’s dead.” So I said, “Let’s get the hell out of here!” I never did tell him what was involved. But then here come the emergency guys, you know, with their instruments and everything… running like hell…  and with a stretcher and all this. But they did – they killed this guy who I didn’t know from Adam’s Old Fox. I’ve never met him and he didn’t know me… had no connection with me… but he was a convenient target to use to prove to me they meant business. They killed that poor guy with an ice dart dipped in curare – just like they had said just to teach me they meant business. And you know that’s the kind of mentality and the kind of people you’re dealing with.



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