David Noakes Released from Prison – statement

I wish David Noakes a speedy return to health. It is a searing indictment of the corruption in the state and big business.


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Dear all,


David Noakes has given me permission to circulate this. 


Thanks for your time




"I am at last our of Wandsworth prison, after 5 months, a month late. They just could not be bothered to release a 66 year old autistic (reports from three specialists) man with 8 illnesses caused by the MHRA’s traumas, three of which give me permanent pain.

I am one and 3/4 stone lighter, am cold all the time, incredibly weak. Too weak to drive sometimes. Can’t handle a big supermarket. Its put 20 years on me.

The food was awful, so was the filth. The prison is built in 1851. Sometimes we were locked up 23 hours a day. I desperately needed the gym initially, but couldn’t get any prison guards to unlock the cell doors. I gave up, then became too weak to use it anyway. My body, particularly my arms and shoulders, ache from the hard beds and pillows.

Most of the prisoners are very nice, although only 20% English. Most of the prison guards are helpful, about half women in their 30’s.

There are a good number of innocent people in jail. The courts concentrate on people with money, arrest the man and his wife, and tell the man they will imprison his wife if he doesn’t plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. Then they imprison him for 4-7 years and seize all his assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2003, (one of 3,000 EU laws illegally on our statute books,) and the prosecution, judge and investigating police officers keep 50 percent of the proceeds, although usually much more. Corruption is now built into the law. They under value houses by as much as 75%, and sell them to their friends. No bank account, or your freedom, is safe.

Please read mhracorrupt.st and our site gcmaf.se.

I’m not a doctor. but we employed 4 scientists and 7 doctors, the most senior being Professor Marco Ruggiero MD. We supplied 240 doctors and over 100 other doctors were too scared (102 doctors have been murdered in the USA starting with our Dr Jeff Bradstreet) and got their patients to purchase it direct. We saved 8,000 patients from 50 different incurable diseases and 800 from terminal stage 4 cancer.

GcMAF is 1% the cost of chemo, 40 times as effective, and as a human protein it has no side effects.The MHRA, big pharma and Parliament have been concealing it for 25 years, and killed two million cancer patients in the process. Put in the NHS GcMAF would save 120,000 lives a year.

There are now 1,000 scientific research papers on GcMAF on Google Scholar, 150 peer reviewed and in the world’s top scientific journals, 70+ peer reviewed for a second time and on the American National Library of Medicine or pubmed. Parliament slovenly ignores them all. We published 33 scientific research papers mostly covering GcMAF’s successes in patients. It clears 33 tumour cancers including pancreatic, and incurable HGSC, the worst of the ovarian cancers, no survivors, see Youtube, search "Teri Davis Newman"

Our Goleic GcMAF is the only treatment in history to turn off the HER2 oncogene (20% of breast cancer patients have it)- we published 3 papers on that: Pubmed

25675551, Glycosylated oleic acid/Vitamin D-binding protein (OA-GcMAF) suppresses HER2 oncogene expression in human breast cancer.

We’ve faced 35 persecutions at the hands of the MHRA and have many traumas, the worse was seeing the MHRA’s ban of our GcMAF kill about 200 people, and kill many good friends in Guernsey. They’ve taken down corruptguernsey.gg, but gsy,st still works.

Now we face confiscation of our remaining possessions under the Proceeds of Crime Act to leave us penniless, then the MHRA contacted their opposite numbers in France, OCLAESP, also big pharma controlled. They raised 9 false charges on a European Arrest Warrant, (More EU legislation) and expect to give us 12 year sentences in the worst jails in Europe. If we can’t stop it, none of us will survive.

All this to protect the $100 Billion profits of chemotherapy"




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