Madonna at Eurovision

Thanks to Menna for alerting me to this. It’s at “the opposite end of the scale” to the previous post about Peter Fenwick, really.

The introduction is way too long, so the link above should take you to the start of the video. You probably only need to watch a few seconds of it to get the idea. Who paid for this? The Eurovision Song Contest (ESV) is just a meaningless event, apparently… I just found this page relating to a presentation given about the ESV by Dr Catherine Baker… – it mentions some interesting points. Perhaps the same people are behind the promotion (way, way beyond its significance) or LGBT issues as the ones who designed, organised and paid for Madonna’s set. The same sort of people seem to be involved with Celine Dion, as I posted a few months ago (www.checktheevidence…). That posting has similar videos linked.

Also interesting that Madonna’s set took place in Tel Aviv.

Additional Note

Madonna’s vocals in the video above were “autotuned” after the live event.

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