Should PID Research be called PIA Research… or even “PINP” Research??

One of the topics about which many people seem to get ruffled over is so-called “PID” – “Paul is Dead” research! Back in 2012, I posted an article about this, in which I showed the basic evidence that Paul had “changed” comparing some photos taken pre and post 1966. Back in March 2019, I noted the release of Tina Foster’s PID book. Again, this post ruffled a few people – who made comments about the idea of Paul being “replaced” was “ridiculous” or “unlikely” etc. More recently, I have been given to wonder if Paul is “alive” and if the real story is that a double has been operating all these years (or, “Paul Is Not Paul”.)

Following the March posting, a chap called Brian Singleton got Tina Foster’s book and he later wrote to me, expressing some dissatisfaction with he content of the book (I haven’t read it yet). This triggered Brian into making his own comparison video – and he did a very good job of collecting various pre and post 1966 McCartney photos. Here is the result:

Brian lists the image sources at the end of the video (though he currently hasn’t included links in the description). Whilst many would conclude from Brian’s video that there was no difference between the 2 Paul’s, I can’t get to that position myself, basically because of the other elements I mentioned in my 2012 article (for example, to do with the Beatles’ Roadie Mal Evans and also because of what happened to Heather Mills). Also, some of the images do seem to show a slightly different Paul – for example, the ears seem different in some images, even when many of the facial features are a closer match. Brian also did a good job with the music on the video!  Brian said in an email to me that he does think McCartney is familiar with “Mystery School” teachings and the occult – I tend to agree.

At about the same time as Brian was making this video, I came across a video by Mike Williams about PID/PIA research and he also spends quite a bit of time on issues to do with Freemasonry and the occult. It makes for interesting viewing:

I have to confess that I found his discussion of the role of Viv Stanshall somewhat less compelling, though Williams presents all the information very clearly and skilfully. (Also, Williams is himself an accomplished musician).

Williams also interviewed Tina Foster about her PID book:…

However, I don’t think there is much additional material in the interview that I haven’t heard before, but they state  that things have become more difficult, as some photos (in print and online) have now been altered. Williams also makes the mistake of mentioning 9/11 and “Controlled Demolition” etc.

I agree with them that regardless of the truth about Paul, the Beatles were used as part of a sophisticated social engineering programme that took part in the 1960s – and the years of 1966/1967 marked certain changes in thinking and behaviour within mass youth culture. Similarly, television was becoming a global medium which could be used to shape peoples’ attitudes and so forth. People like Mark Devlin (as well as Mike Williams) and also Dave McGowan have explored some of those areas in more detail.


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