UFOs, The Pentagon, The Shame-stream Media and The Next Big Scam

22 May 2021

A lot of new subscribers to “checktheevidence” came via UK Column News – and the topic of UFOs etc is not one they normally cover, to my knowledge. Yet, as I alluded to in an earlier posting, it is that topic which was largely responsible for me “breaking away” more and more from “mainstream” thinking on many issues.

The “News”

In the last few weeks, the shame-stream media has featured stories about the US military (Pentagon etc) releasing “genuine videos” of UFOs. For example, this was discussed at some length in a Tucker Carlson broadcast on US Fox News on 17 or 18 May 2021. (The YouTube version of this was entitled “Tucker: Pentagon isn’t doing anything about these threats“) This title in itself is somewhat interesting – as, in the past, the UFO issue has been treated by the shame-stream media with a mixture of curiosity and ridicule – as well as being attached and associated with the Science Fiction Genre (e.g. the “X files” TV show). The “ridicule” method can be seen in another YouTube video by Anton Petrov – which analyses the videos that Tucker discusses. (Skip over the silly discussion of aliens and focus on the video analysis, which is useful). 

What some folks may not realise is that these Pentagon UFO videos are not new – they were talked about in July 2018, for example. It’s a common tactic when dealing with alternative knowledge topics that the shame-stream media will present “old news” as if it were new. As another example, a similar looking video (and story) emerged – from Mexico – in 2004.

It is wise to separate the issues of “UFOs” and “Aliens/ETs” – so that we can try and establish what we are dealing with. For example it is not really that news-worthy that the Navy release a “genuine UFO video” – of an object which hasn’t been identified, that is. Many people may implicitly think that this is a “genuine video of an alien / extra-terrestrial craft” – and the Pentagon are not saying this, of course. They are saying “we don’t know what it is.” However, I might suggest that this latter statement is disingenuous – and they know exactly what it is.

Some readers will have, no doubt, have seen the Daily Mail Story by Paid Spokesperson Nick Pope (read the URL)  (reposted on MSN News) “We are about to discover if the UFO truth IS out there.” I feel I can confidently state that Nick Pope will not tell you the truth (as he’s already “passed” on multiple opportunities to do this). He’s happy to go along with the shame-stream media’s methods of telling “some truth, some half-truth or anything but the truth” (and get paid to do this).

The Truth (That I’ve Come to Accept)

So what might be going on here? Here’s a short summary for you.

  1. Decades ago, flying saucers either crashed or were brought down – e.g. near Roswell New Mexico, in Jun/July 1947 (and not just there).
  2. Bodies and material were recovered and studied.
  3. Discoveries were made relating to “mental phenomena” and these craft/vehicles.
  4. Energy, propulsion and other technologies were secretly developed – either by using, copying or merely being inspired by the capabilities of the recovered materials/items (and probably beings).
  5. Weapons systems and warfare methods were also developed from or with these technologies.
  6. Some of that technology (which manipulates matter and energy at a basic level – and it can affect gravity) was used by someone on 9/11 to destroy most of the WTC Complex. (The effects of the use of that technology did not disappear immediately.)

Points 1 & 2 have often been discussed in shame-stream media documentaries and occasional news broadcasts. Points 3-6 are (as far as I know) never discussed in the shame-stream media (except in the context of science fiction). The shame-stream media don’t want anyone to seriously consider (let alone understand) the reality and truthfulness of points 4-6. (Their task is easy – as most people don’t want to know or understand points 4-6 either – because the implications are too awful to accept). Most UFO researchers and books hover in the region of points 1 & 2 and don’t go much further down this list. (They might start getting into point 3, a little).

The reasons for me making points 3 & 4 come from this 1950 document – a top secret memo, written by WB Smith – Canadian Radio Engineer – who became Superintendent of Radio Regulations in his country, in the 1950s. Here is a copy of the document, declassified and known about publicly since 1979 (its authenticity has never been seriously challenged). As far as I know, it has never been covered or seriously investigated in any shame-stream media documentary. They’ve had 40 years to put it on the “news,” but never have.

The text reads:

I made discreet enquiries through the Canadian embassy staff in Washington who were able to obtain for me the following information:


a.    The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.


b     Flying saucers exist.


c     Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush.


d     The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.


I was further informed that the United States authorities are investigating along quite a number of lines which might possibly be related to the saucers such as mental phenomena and I gather that they are not doing too well since they indicated that if Canada is doing anything at all in geo-magnetics they would welcome a discussion with suitably accredited Canadians.

Funnily enough, this week, I received an email about this very memo – from someone who had watched a talk about Wilbert Smith that I gave in Leeds in 2009. (An updated/expanded version of that talk can be found on YouTube and Odysee). The kind person who contacted me said:

I thought your 2009 talk was great. Personally, I think the Wilbert Smith memo is a total bombshell. No one questions its authenticity or its original classification, hence when one considers its content, although anecdotal, one can only conclude that flying saucers are real, that aliens are really in them, and that they’re both visiting the Earth.


I know there is a lot of disinformation out there, but, for me, this entire topic is like a series of dominoes. Once one has proved to oneself a core fact, one can begin to extrapolate likely additional truths. If, for example, the Smith memo is real (which it is), and its contents are accurate (which they surely must be given that (a) none of his sources would have had any reason to lie to Smith, and (b) Smith himself wouldn’t have knowingly put lies into a 1950 top secret memo intended for Canadian government eyes only), then Vannevar Bush’s involvement becomes likelier, the MJ-12 documents follow from that, and then the truth behind Roswell itself gains ever more credibility.

You can hear Wilbert Smith himself discuss his own personal conclusions, made in 1958, in an extraordinary 18-minute speech/address which I included in the presentation I mentioned above. Smith was smart enough to quickly figure out that he needed to know more about energy, gravity and human origins and human consciousness – and he touches on all these topics in the 18-minute address.

If you’re wondering about how I came to understand the “weapons and 9/11” point  6 of my list above, please carefully study the evidence (slideshows and videos) at www.drjudywood.com/ and try to read Dr Wood’s book.

Keeping Technology Covered Up

By about 2004, I’d come to realise that a big part of the “UFO cover up” was related to technology – then, I thought it was to do with energy technology.  By about 2008 or 2009 – having become thoroughly familiar with Dr Judy Wood’s research and that of Dr Morgan Reynolds, I’d come to realise that a big part of the 9/11 cover up was related to technology.

With the latest “UFO flap” in the press, talking about the military filming UFOs, I see the same thing happening. They need to keep the points 4-6 in my list above firmly out of the public mind – and they probably have further plans for a “smoke and mirrors” show – which I discuss below (but long-time readers will have seen this before).


What many readers will perhaps not have heard is some recent tragic news. Mark McCandlish – who should rightfully be called a “Secrecy/Black Programme Whistleblower” was killed a few weeks ago in April 2021. I was quite upset to hear about this – I only corresponded with him once or twice, but having listened to his talks for quite a few hours and judging by his facebook postings, I think he was a decent, sincere and gentle man (perhaps at odds with the industry he worked in).

For those that know nothing about him, or his work, please watch a 2hr presentation he gave in 2009. (You will find quite a few other presentations and interviews with him online, so you can listen yourself and decide if he was telling the truth or not.) McCandlish has, for years, discussed how he obtained some fairly detailed knowledge of an advanced “anti-gravity” craft called the “ARV” (Alien Reproduction Vehicle) or “Fluxliner” that was developed in US black programmes (further details are contained in the video above). I briefly corresponded with Mark a couple of years ago and had no reason to doubt his account.

To understand why I have posted this article now, please read the posting by UFO researcher and speaker Robert Morningstar, the last part of which I have reproduced below.

In Memoriam – Mark McCandlish

Editor’s Note:

Mark McCandlish died on April 13th, 2021 in his home on Redding, CA of a shotgun blast to the head.

Shasta County Coroner’s official report cites his death as a “Suicide” from self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Mark McCandlish spoke to his friend, Rick Price, late that day (April 13th) and Mark told him that he was going to rest and would call him later. Mark also spoke to his girlfriend later and told her that he would speak to her when he went to work at her animal shelter. When Mark did not show up for work and he failed to call her, Mark’s girlfriend, who had a key to his home, went there to look for him, and found his body, dead from a gunhot wound to his head.

A colleague of Mark McCandlish, a member of a UFO/SSP Disclosure group with which Mark McCandlish was associated, wrote on May 10th, 2021:


“Regarding Mark McClandlish suicide with shotgun blast to his head.  He was going to testify for Senate UFO/UAP meeting in June.   His testimony would have destroyed the “we haven’t made much progress” narrative. Also the one who showed the Tic Tac was actually USAF SSP drone … That would also destroy that narrative, came out and reversed and said he made it up.  Mark probably didn’t go along.  It’s an agenda.  It’s complicated for sure.”




Robert D. Morningstar, Editor/Publisher of The UFO Spotlight, a friend and colleague of Mark McCandlish since the June 2014 Secret Space program – Breakaway Civiliation Conference that was held in San Francisco, and Rick Price, a close friend (for more than 20 years) who was one of the last people to speak to Mark McCandlish find that conclusion dubious, doubt the “official story,” and reject that conclusion.


Finally, it has been reported by one official that “several Federal agencies are investigationg the death of Mark McCandlish.’ If Mark’s death was, in fact, just a “suicide,” the editor asks:


Why should further investigations by multiple agencies of the US government be necessary?


I reject the ‘official story.”


Robert D. Morningstar

May 10th, 2021

New York City

Please do not misconstrue my purpose in including the details above! I want the truth to be known!

The Next Big Scam – A Fake Alien Invasion or False Flag Event?

You may well see folks like Dr Steven Greer, Luis Elizondo, Steve Bassett, Nick Pope and others “arguing the toss” about these US Navy/Pentagon videos and disclosures – but I am pretty sure it’s just another side-show. This is all covered and explained (I hope) in my free PDF book “Acknowledged”, which I self- published in 2019. In relation to the subject of this article, I include a portion of Page 46 of this book:

It is easy to view “Independence Day” (1996 film/movie) as propaganda for US military forces, the storyline being that a hostile set of huge alien ships invade the earth and destroy a number of famous buildings. In about 2009 or 2010, I made a short video which included Dr Carol Rosin’s statements from the 2001 Disclosure Project conference about “the extraterrestrial threat” and “threats of terrorists” (both of which are/were/would be based on lies). I used a few seconds from the “Independence Day” film, showing the destruction of the Empire State Building and compared it to the destruction of the WTC on 9/11 (See below).

HUGE Mistakes In Your Favorite Films - Page 6 of 40 ...

Destruction of Empire State Building in “Independence Day” Film

Destruction of WTC 2 on 9/11 in real life.

Whatever your thoughts about what I’ve written above, I am more confident that you will agree with me when I point out that “some pretty ‘inhuman things’ have been going on in the last 12 months. Sadly, I don’t think we’re over the worst of this yet. As I said in an article I posted in Sep 2019 about David Icke’s book “The Trigger,” I have written this article because I have concluded that, if this global energy (and UFO/ET) cover up was removed, it could liberate humanity – and overturn any and all plans for a fascist and oppressive New World Order Technocracy that people like Alex Jones and David Icke have spent so long talking about.

Three More Books that Might Help?

For those whose interest is “piqued” by what I have written, and would like to read more, then I can offer another 2 books which form a sort of trilogy (and a third book on yet another global scam), where I have tried to “flesh out” the arguments I hastily presented above – with as much evidence as I’ve had the time to collate and compile over the last 15 years or so. I’ve included synopses below. Paperback copies are also available via www.checktheevidence… or other platforms/outlets.


>Secrets in the Solar System: Gatekeepers on Earth Kindle EditionSecrets in the Solar System: Gatekeepers on Earth (ISBN: 978-1981117550)

Since 1957, robotic space probes have visited all the planets in the Solar System. Is it the case that they have only found mostly uninteresting collections of gas, rocks, ice and dust? Has any evidence of past or present life in the Solar System ever been discovered?

This book will take you “on a journey” to the Sun and the Moon, Mars, Phobos, Saturn and some of its moons. It will show you some of the numerous anomalies that have been found. Could it be the case that taxpayer-funded space agencies have ignored or even lied about these anomalies, and their significance?

After more than 10 years of ongoing research, collected together here, for the first time anywhere, are over 350 fully referenced pictures and data from over 50 years of space missions. Anomalous images are presented with some detailed explanations, commentary and analysis, completed by various researchers. The book asks what would happen if NASA or ESA scientists had discovered compelling evidence of past or present extra-terrestrial life in the Solar System? Would they “tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” about such a discovery? Or, would the “scientific technological elite” mentioned in Eisenhower’s final address to the USA in 1961, become the “gatekeepers” of “Secrets in the Solar System?”


>Acknowledged: A Perspective on the Matters of UFOs, Aliens and Crop Circles PaperbackFinding the Secret Space Programme: Removing Truth’s Protective Layers (ISBN: 978-1981283705)

The “Space Age” began in 1957 and since then, we are told, missions have studied all the planets in the Solar System. Most people believe that one of the greatest technological achievements happened in 1969, when Neil Armstrong allegedly walked on the surface of the moon. The last Apollo mission ended in 1972 and later manned space missions never travelled beyond low Earth orbit, despite enormous advances in many technologies. This book considers the works of Dr Paul La Violette and Defence Journalist Nick Cook regarding antigravity research in the aerospace industry and elsewhere. It analyses the statements of certain whistle-blowers, who claim to have worked on covert propulsion and energy technology programmes. The Apollo programme and its background are also studied in some depth, along with claims and statements made by some of the Apollo astronauts.

Is it true that exotic propulsion technologies have been successfully developed and deployed, as part of a secret space programme – and comprehensively hidden from public view, using sophisticated methods?

After more than 14 years of ongoing research, collected together here, probably for the first time anywhere, are referenced images, quotes analysis and commentary. A study of this evidence should help us to remove what Neil Armstrong referred to as “Truth’s Protective Layers.”


Climate Change and Global Warming… Exposed: Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans (ISBN: 978-1976209840)

<![if !vml]>Climate Change and Global Warming - Exposed: Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans Paperback<![endif]>This book collects together, for the first time anywhere, a range of diverse data which proves that the whole issue of “climate change” is more complicated and challenging than almost all researchers are willing to consider, examine, or entertain. For example, this book contains astronomical data which most climatologists will not discuss in full. Similarly, the book contains climate and weather data that astronomers will not discuss. The book contains some data that neither astronomers nor climatologists will discuss. It contains some data that no scientists will appropriately discuss. It will show the reader why the climate change/global warming scam was invented, and it will illustrate how the scam has been implemented.


Dark Journalist – The CIA UFO Invasion Op 

Some excellent analysis and info here from Daniel Liszt


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